5 Reasons Why Fungal Infections Sometimes Reoccur

Fungal infections take a long time to treat. Even when you think you’re free, you might be at risk of recurrence.

Let’s look into the top reasons why fungal infections can recur. What can you do to prevent that from happening?

1. People Tend to Stop Taking Antifungal Medication Too Early

Experts say that it’s crucial to keep taking your antifungal drugs as long as you’re supposed to. Even if the symptoms disappear, don’t stop your treatment early. After all, there can be hidden fungi that still need to be killed.

Sometimes this means taking different types of drugs at the same time. For example, you may need to take tablets and also apply powder to your skin.

2. Your Clothes Can Cause a Recurrence

Infected clothing is one possible reason why fungal infections can recur. Hence, make sure to wash everything thoroughly. You should also go for loose and breathable clothing.

This extends to your footwear too. You might want to throw away old socks, shoes or boots.

3. Some Chronic Conditions

Diabetes can increase your risk of certain fungal infections recurring. Obesity can also make you more vulnerable to recurrence. Hence, you should tell all your doctors about your fungal infections, even if they don’t specialize in infectious diseases.

4. Pregnancy Can Cause a Recurrence Too

When something disrupts your hormonal balance, fungal infections can come back. Hence, pregnant women are at a higher risk of recurrence. Taking hormonal birth control can also increase your risk.

5. Taking Antibiotics

Certain antibiotics cause a disruption in your bacterial balance. This is one of the reasons why fungal infections can recur.

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