It’s Not Strictly a Woman’s Problem: Yeast Infections in Men

yeast infections in men

Yeast infection is a term that is most commonly used for a particular type of Candida infection in women. However, Candida infections can happen to anyone, in various areas of the body.

It is very important to talk about genital yeast infections in men, as this is a topic many don’t know about. Here are seven things you should keep in mind:


Yeast infections in men are fairly rare. They can come from unprotected sexual activity or poor hygiene.


Men who have a weakened immune system are especially at risk. Additionally, prolonged exposure to antibiotics is a frequent cause of this type of yeast infection.


Male yeast infection manifests as a red rash on the penis. There may be white spots as well, and most men also experience itching and burning pain. This infection comes with a build-up of a white substance between the folds of the skin.


Treatment usually involves antifungal creams such as imidazole and miconazole. You can usually get these over the counter.


There are also various pills that can help treat yeast infections in men. For example, doctors may recommend an over the counter drug called Diflucan.


Good hygiene can help you prevent this issue, but there are some scented cosmetics that may irritate your skin and put you at risk. Hence, you may want to avoid using scented soap on the affected area.


This condition requires treatment because it can become very dangerous if the fungus enters the bloodstream. This happens rarely, but it can be deadly in some cases. Hence, you should seek out medical advice at the first sign of trouble.

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