Is the Secret to Preventing a Deadly Fungal Infection Hiding in Your Kitchen?

Mucormycosis is a rare fungal disease. This article looks into the uses of baking soda in preventing this infection.

About This Rare Infection

The fungi that cause this disease are widespread. They can enter the body through a cut or scrape. Additionally, people can inhale the spores.

Experts say that the fungi mainly affects people with immune problems. You are especially at risk if you have cancer or severe diabetes. It also affects people who went through organ transplantation.

So what are the main symptoms? This disease can come with facial swelling, fever, and a headache. Furthermore, it can cause shortness of breath and coughing.

If you have immune issues, mucormycosis can be deadly. Treatment usually requires surgery. Serious antifungal medication is needed too.

It’s clear why it’s important to try to prevent this disease. But what is the best approach to prevention?

The Uses of Baking Soda in Disease Prevention

Killing fungi is one of the top uses of baking soda. Baking soda can help you eradicate fungi from your belongings. It can also help you clean your living space.

But new research indicates that consuming baking soda could also help with mucormycosis.

People with severe diabetes are especially prone to this fungal disease. But if they use baking soda, the disease will not spread as easily.

This treatment could help a number of people with immune system issues. After all, baking soda is easily available and affordable.

A Final Word

If you have an immune problem, fungal diseases can be deadly. Baking soda treatment could make a great deal of difference. However, this subject still needs a lot more research.

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