Can You Get a Fungal Infection from Facial Fillers?

Many people seek out medical procedures in hopes of getting a youthful look. However, facelifts are very expensive. Hence, some prefer to get facial fillers instead.

Getting a facial filler means injecting a substance where your wrinkles are. Plastic surgeons use many different types of materials as facial fillers. Hyaluronic acid is the most widespread choice.

This is a temporary solution. Hence, you will need to keep repeating the procedure. But are facial fillers safe to use?

Facial fillers can irritate the skin. Bruising and bumps are also quite common. Additionally, there is some risk of these fillers causing an allergy.

Apart from this, facial fillers are generally safe to use. But is it possible to get an infection from facial fillers? What does science say?

The Possibility of Infections

If you have decided to go for this procedure, be prepared to do some research.

Avoid anyone who is offering to do facial fillers at an extremely low price. You want an experienced doctor who uses high-quality equipment.

Can you get infections from opened and re-used hyaluronic acid?

Experts say that this acid stays free of fungi even after you open it. It won’t develop bacteria either.

Doctors can safely store it at room temperature. Thus, your risk of getting an infection from facial fillers is extremely low.

However, you should still use your best judgment when you’re selecting a professional. Avoid getting facial fillers in hotels or spas. Stick to medical settings only.

Furthermore, you should ask what the filler is made of. Only accept FDA-approved wrinkle fillers. If your doctor refuses to give clear information, seek treatment elsewhere.

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